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Miss Ernalyn “Ahja” Solano

Hi, I’m Ahja, a freelance Graphic Designer, at and a FOPSCo volunteer, a national-based cooperative for online professionals.


I first started offering graphic works to friends and relatives.  My hobby became a source of income where I get to design flyers, logos, social media posts, and other materials for local and international clients.


As a student, my artworks were shown in PUP Bataan school newspaper publication, “The Marker”. I have been asked to do a lot of portraits, vector arts, digital images, and many more, giving me more time to improve my craft.


I  have been a professional artist for more than 3 years now doing a variety of digital and traditional art pieces. It gives me pleasure to share with the kids my skills and love for art.

Rate and Schedule


P 3,000 for 12 sessions




 Tuesdays and Thursdays

Preschool Art      at      2:00 PM

Junior Art       at      5:30 PM


Modular Lessons

Lessons are on a per-module basis.  



Take advantage of our FREE  trial class for a week to have your little kids try and see if it’s something they’d really enjoy. 

At Sharp n’ Smart, we value a child’s creativity.  We believe that if they have enough exposure to things that inspires them, they are more likely able to decide what they really want in life.

Time to get your kids off their gadgets and get them hooked with colors and shapes! Let us give them a little adventure from home and get those little hands to work its magic!