Our Story

We had to put our usual monthly meets on hold indefinitely due to the health situation in the country, so we decided to run online workshops to keep the kids busy while still having fun with their friends.

The group decided to educate the kids various courses depending on each parent’s area of expertise after the online lessons were a success. This concept opened the door to helping other families with their children’s schooling.

Our enthusiasm for homeschooling evolved into advocacy to guarantee that our children are effectively schooled and confident in their ability to lead themselves to a prosperous future.



To assist busy parents with their children’s education by providing a pleasant, effective, and engaging online learning experience.

To become a practical choice for children’s learning and growth.

Our Homeschool Community

Sharp n’ Smart was founded in 2015 by a group of dedicated homeschooling parents who believe that the world is our classroom.

We started a small homeschooling co-op and began teaching our children during our monthly gatherings. By conducting suitable seminars, we shared our resources and experience in several fields. We allow the kids to experience and obtain a firsthand understanding of our natural environment and life in general through field trips, nature walks, and camping.
As we embark on this homeschooling adventure, we hope to raise God-fearing, well-educated children who are equipped to face life’s challenges as citizens and servants of God.

What Our Families are Saying

Sharp n’ Smart helped my child stay active mentally especially during the quarantine season. 

Thank you so much Sharp n’ Smart. Heaven sent ka sa amin ng mga anak namin.


We had nothing to do during the school break so my parents decided for me to join Sharp n’ Smart instead of using gadgets all day. So I joined and I started liking it. It was great! coolcool